Who we are

Casey DiCarlo

Looking back at my formative years, I have fond memories of gatherings with family and friends, which always included long conversations over coffee.

Following on from my high school education, I completed a Bachelor of Nursing degree, which led me into the Medical Industry as a Sales Manager where my love of coffee was further strengthened. I left this industry when I started a family and I decided to work with my husband at his Chiropractic clinic. This changed my views on healthy living. Having children cemented my newfound perspective and I adopted a wholistic approach to living and the way I feed my family. I choose to support organic growers and chemical free products for the wellbeing of my family and the environment.

Our frustration in not being able to source fabulous organic coffee capsules for our Nespresso® machines coupled with my husband’s encouragement, support and idea to make the dream come alive has led to the journey in creating Infusi.

We have worked and will continue to work to source only the finest organic produce from around the world to bring to you the most delicious coffee leaving you wanting more. I trust you will enjoy this coffee as much as I do.